Framework Agreement European Commission European Parliament 2010

The transmission of the EUCI, classified as “TR-S SECRET EU/EU TOP SECRET”, is subject to other agreements between the Commission and the parliamentary body/office holder that submitted the application in order to guarantee a level of protection corresponding to this classification. At the same time, the Conference of Committee Chairs conducts a regular exchange of views with the Commission`s Vice-President for Inter-Institutional Relations to assess the progress of the implementation of the Commission`s ongoing work programme, to review the preparation of the Commission`s future work programme and to take stock of the results of the ongoing bilateral dialogue between the relevant parliamentary committees and the relevant Members of the Commission. In accordance with the provisions of point 24 of the framework agreement, the Commission informs Parliament in due course when an international agreement is being paraphatized and informs Parliament as soon as possible when it intends to propose its provisional application to the Council, as well as the reasons for this situation, unless the reasons for its urgency prevent it. This annex contains detailed modalities for Parliament`s information on the negotiation and conclusion of international agreements within the meaning of points 23, 24 and 25 of the framework agreement. other legal agreements or acts relevant to the transmission of information between institutions. The Commission`s work programme is the Commission`s contribution to the EU`s annual and multi-year programme. Once adopted by the Commission, a trilogue should take place between Parliament, the Council and the Commission in order to reach agreement on the Union`s programming. The Commission fully informs Parliament of the progress of the accession negotiations and, in particular, important aspects and developments, so that it can present its views in due course on the appropriate parliamentary procedures. Considering that this framework agreement should be interpreted in accordance with the institutional framework set out in the treaties, the information referred to in item 23 is made available to Parliament in a timely manner to enable it to express its views and, where possible, to take into account parliament`s opinion. This information is usually transmitted to Parliament through the relevant parliamentary committee and, if necessary, at a plenary session. In duly justified cases, it is made available to several parliamentary committees.

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